Here today, gone tomorrow

It is a decidedly painful thing to wake up alone.

Especially when he was there the night before.

Yup. The Hubby stole off last night, 2am, to Taiwan. Well, I did wake up to give him a long hug. In my sleepy haze, it seemed like a dream. As I reached for his arm, as I always do during our pre-waking moments, I found only his pillows, neatly arranged on his side. That all-too-familiar pang of loneliness came, like the dull ache of an old bruise. I couldn't breathe for a second that I had to let out a loud sigh for fear of choking because I told myself I would not cry.

Welp. Crying now, posting this. Hate it.

You'd think that I'd be used to this by now.

Wished I was.

But glad I'm not.

15 days to go.



  1. adriene said

    ((((hugs jenn)))

  2. Vien said

    Hang in there, Jenn!

  3. thanks guys. Feeling much better now. That’s the good thing with having kids – never a dull moment, yea?


  4. a&a'smom said

    Yeah, Big Hugs to you. Me & my boys were just miserable when Hubs had to go to India for 2 weeks to do his mum’s death anniv prayers there. I felt the days dragging by ever so slowly like a slow motion scene in a movie. Hope ur girls will make the days pass faster ya.

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