Make things happen!

So here I was, deep into my morning coffee and news, racking my brains for something to blog, when suddenly, my fire alarm went off.

Okay, what the hell?

Like a headless chicken, I ran about the house, expecting the intermittent beeps to tell me where the damn fire/smoke was.

And then I remembered: I left the stove on. Was going to steam up some shiu mai.

Forgot all about them.


Quickly, I went and switched off the burning RED electric burner. The beeps persisted and I panicked further, wondering if the fire engine will come hollering around the corner at eight on a Sunday morning, all thanks to me.

Luckily, the beeps stopped after about five seconds.

What's so miraculous is that the 'smoke' detectors, aren't really 'smoke' detectors. They seem to detect heat as well, because there was seriously no smoke.

Thank God.

Another miracle was my kids slept through it. Rae is usually the light sleeper and stirs at the slightest sound.


Another reason to make sure I put 'gas burners' in my checklist when buying a new house. Why? Gas burners are slightly noisier, a necessary annoyance for a klutz such as me. A forgotten switched-on electric burner kinda sneaks up on you like it did twice to me.

Anyway. Something to blog about.

SUCH a drama-queen.



  1. Eric said

    Hi Jen,

    We were with your in-laws last night and both of them are fine, except they really miss the two little girls.

    We are going to move into the new house next Sunday (24/06) and enjoy it.

    I know Lok is away and will be in KL on 25, but since he is too busy I do not know if we can meet him up, would try if he is not too tired.

    Anyway, best wishes to you and the two little girls there. we are reading the blogs occassionally.

  2. Wena said

    the heat detector is usually in the kitchen because of the amount of steam that comes out of cooking. smoke detectors are in other parts of the house.

    there’s also some smoke detectors with uses a low-radioactive source. it’s safe as the wave frequency is short but disposal is via the vendor.

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