The I’mPerfect Mom, soon on podcast

Having been bribed with the latest games and hardware most of seven of the 11 years I was a journalist, there are times that I watch with smouldering envy my close friends and distant colleagues who are still on the take today.

It's been six months that I've been clean. Sometimes, I miss it. Other times, I'm too neck-deep in screaming kids to care.

However, having tucked said screaming kids to bed early today, I slipped and went for a little joyride back on the tech wagon, permitting myself around 1GB of downloads. From stupid little game trials to various little webwares, I piled them onto my already crowded PC. I actually cleaned out my unread feeds as well (boldtype stuff needling me whenever I check my mails, hate them), going through every little nugget of info I found interesting.

My latest addiction?


Even though it's not the friendliest of non-iTunes/iPod-users, I was quite close to leaving my two kids sleeping in their beds and hopping in the minivan to Fry's at 9pm to grab a super-duper DJ-mike+headphones thingie to start my very own podcast. Even signed up for an a/c and everything.

There have been moments in my life I've entertained the possibility of becoming a DJ or a talkshow host. Daydreams dashed by non-existent public speaking skills. I tend to stammer when I talk. Remnants of a very bad relationship that happened a million years ago.

And yet.

Maybe I should start a podcast for women. Who knows? Could end up the Oprah of podcasting.

I mean, if this guy can do it.


Like real.

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  1. See Ming said

    Jenn, you will be the perfect relationship DJ!!

    Late night call-ins and you tell them how to solve probs!!

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