More funny conversations

One reason I've wanted to do a podcast is, if for nothing else, to record the hilarious little conversations Raeven and I have, or the ones she and her dad has, which happen almost on a daily basis.

Just yesterday, while driving to a park we love to visit, she said what's probably one of the most adult things I've ever heard her say, God bless her little four-year-old heart.

Now Rae is into rock music, and likes the current top hits from Green Day, Staind, Coldplay, Bon Jovi and the like. Usually, I put the station we both like on, which plays the music from the 80s to the tunes of today. I don't really like to turn my radio on too loudly for fear of not being able to hear the traffic outside, so when something Rae likes comes on, she'll ask me to turn it up so she can sing along.

Sometimes, she gets the lyrics right. Other times, she fills up the rest with her own brand of nonsense.

So Bon Jovi was done with Who Says You Can't Go Home (her absolute favourite song) and up came Baltimora's Tarzan Boy, an 80s hit, for those of you who are too young to be reading this blog. Rae had never heard it before, so I introduced the song to her, telling her that it was a 'nice' one. Hey, I'm an 80s girl myself.

"It's about Tarzan, sweetie. Remember Tarzan?"

Of course she does. We have the DVD.

Anyway, as mommy howled the lyrics, if you can call them that, of Tarzan Boy, Raeven sat quietly at the back. I tried catching a glimpse of her to see what she was up to (she sits right behind me) but to no avail. So when the song ended, I asked her what she thought of it.

"Wasn't that a nice song, baby?"


"Why not?"

"It's a silly song, Mommy, Tarzan Boy."

I swear, the car swerved a little and I had to slow down because I was too busy trying not to laugh.

"Silly? Why?!"

"It's a silly song. I like only nice songs," she said.

God, I wished I'd stopped the car then and looked at the solemn little face that I knew was accompanying the serious voice.

After a pause, she continued.

"I'll listen, but I won't sing along."

That was when I slowly brought the car to a halt in front of someone's house, and promptly laughed my ass off.



  1. topaz said

    hahaha. That was such a 80s and party hit. Very “ah beng” song but who cares, I love it. Remember those pirated cassettes in the soft plastic holder with the “bad spelling” lyrics inside? My “Tarzan Boy” song was from one of those cassettes.

  2. Patsy said

    That was super-duper %#*@ing HILARIOUS !!! Cant wait till my daughter is 4 years old now…

  3. Vien said


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