Quickly, make a movie

about this. I am getting a pretty strong Harrison Ford, Tim Robbins, Gene Hackman vibe from this.

Or is someone on it already?

Despite what may seem as a slow erosion of the US Constitution's First and Fourth Amendments judging from recent events, it is commendable that such gatherings can still be peacefully organised – and that such organisations are allowed to thrive.

Perhaps it's because they're only conspiracy theories after all?

But what happens when conspiracy meets with physics? What if a conspiracy theory is evidenced with scientific theory (versus wild suppositions and paranoid postulations based on politics and economics)?

Who do you believe? How can you NOT believe?

Like the Magic Bullet theory.

I saw a video that touched briefly on this possiblity (that the physics of how the towers fell do not add up) a few months back.

Let me dig it up.

Wonder if Oliver Stone's upcoming movie on the attacks will have this slant. Don't forget his controversial 'JFK'.

Can't wait.


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